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Health Effects of Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke

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1997 Final Report

The California Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) has developed a comprehensive health assessment of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). The final report, Health Effects of Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke, is now available. This overall assessment of ETS includes chapters on respiratory health effects, reproductive and developmental effects, cardiovascular effects, cancers, and exposure measurement and prevalence; the Executive Summary provides an overview of the report.

To ensure a comprehensive review of the scientific data and adequate opportunities for public input, a lengthy process of public review, described in the Preface, was undertaken. This process has been completed. The Scientific Review Panel (SRP) on Toxic Air Contaminants has reviewed the report and released their Findings (which appear as an attachment to the Executive Summary).

This report will be presented as an informational item at a public meeting of the members of the Air Resources Board on October 23, 1997. The report will be forwarded to the Department of Health Services (DHS) Tobacco Control Program for appropriate action under their mandate as the State’s lead agency for addressing health effects related to tobacco use.

The final report, Health Effects of Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke, is posted on the OEHHA Web site. To obtain a copy of the report, you may also contact Shirley Williams at (916) 327-1099. For press inquiries, please contact Allan Hirsch at (916) 324-1945.

The Preface, Authors and Acknowledgements, Table of Contents and Executive Summary are available for on-screen viewing.

Download Choices
Download the entire Health Effects of Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke, Final Report as a 2.24 Mb compressed (zipped) file. Double click on the file to upzip it and read the report using Adobe Acrobat.
After the report is unzipped you should have twelve files.

Or you may download the files individually.

Click on the file name below to download individual sections of the report.

  1. exec.pdf - the title page, preface, authors, table of contents
    and executive summary (65 Kb PDF file)
  2. chapter1.pdf - Chapter 1: Introduction (40 Kb PDF file)
  3. chapter2.pdf - Chapter 2: Exposure Measurements and Prevalence (232 Kb PDF file)
  4. chapter3.pdf - Chapter 3: Developmental Toxicity I: Perinatal Manifestations (179 Kb PDF file)
  5. chapter4.pdf - Chapter 4: Developmental Toxicity II: Postnatal Manifestations (166 Kb PDF file)
  6. chapter5.pdf - Chapter 5: Reproductive Effects (51 Kb PDF file)
  7. chapter6.pdf - Chapter 6: Respiratory Health Effects (278 Kb PDF file)
  8. chapter7.pdf - Chapter 7: Carcinogenic Effects (314 Kb PDF file)
  9. chapter8.pdf - Chapter 8: Cardiovascular Effects (223 Kb PDF file)
  10. append-A.pdf - Appendix A: Comments/Responses (157 Kb PDF file)
  11. append-B.pdf - Appendix B: Comments/Responses (620 Kb PDF file)
  12. ets-797.pdf - Findings of the Scientific Review Panel (456 Kb PDF file)

Scientific Review Panel (SRP) Findings as a result of the review of the final report "Health Effects of Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke" (ETS). Adopted at the Panel's June 19, 1997 Meeting

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